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Boundary Surveys are performed for the purpose of documenting the perimeters, or any one of them, of a parcel of land, by establishing or reestablishing corners, monuments, and boundary lines for the purpose of describing the parcel and/or locating fixed improvements on the parcel or subdividing the parcel.


If you are buying or selling a parcel of land, installing a fence, or planning other improvements to a property, having an accurate boundary survey is essential. Boundary surveys are often required by lenders when preparing mortgages. Many municipalities also require boundary surveys when applying for permits for improvements like building additions, swimming pools, fence installations, etc.





Topographic Surveys are performed to determine the horizontal and vertical spatial relationship of selected natural and artificial land features. Elevations can be depicted on a topographic survey with spot elevations, contour lines, or a combination of both. 


Kicoh Tech has prepared numerous topographic surveys for engineering design projects and with our efficient "all hands on deck" approach to these projects, our completion time is drastically reduced thereby keeping projects on schedule and within budget.





Kicoh Tech has performed on many construction projects laying out precise locations for commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential projects. Using GPS and Robotic Total Stations we have developed efficient, accurate, and cost-effective methods to keep any construction project moving forward, on schedule, and within budget. 





Usually associated with new construction, As-built surveys are prepared for the primary purpose of comparing the horizontal and vertical position of the designed improvements to the actual position of the constructed improvements.


Kicoh Tech understands the importance of these final close-out documents and has a reputation for expediting this process allowing the client to obtain their COs (Certification of Occupancy) on time.




An ALTA land survey has especially stringent requirements as developed by a joint effort of the American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping. The ALTA standards are a nationwide uniform set of standards. The survey is specifically designed to satisfy the needs of lenders, corporations, and title companies when dealing with valuable commercial properties.


Kicoh Tech has extensive experience with these surveys along with a long list of satisfied clients, attorneys, land title agents, and underwriters. Our staff has the experience, patience, and diligence that it takes to complete this process.





An Elevation Certificate is an important tool that documents your building's elevation. If you live in a high-risk flood zone, you should provide an Elevation Certificate to your insurance agent to obtain flood insurance and ensure that your premium accurately reflects your risk.


Kicoh Tech stays current with all FEMA and County requirements and provides Elevation Certificates for both Residential and Commercial properties.





Some projects require very specific information but do not fall within the binds of Boundary or Topographic surveys. Often a "Special Purpose" survey may be just what your project needs to complete your project goal while staying within budget.


Kicoh Tech can help customize a Special Purpose survey that will keep your project on track and within budget.





When developing residential property, a subdivision plat is usually required. Kicoh Tech has the experience, capabilities, and expertise to provide the necessary services and documents for recording subdivision plats. 


Kicoh Tech provides all required Builders Services for Residential Lot Development from the initial Boundary Survey and Site Plan to the Final Survey. 



Subdivision platting is the process of splitting one larger piece of land into several smaller parcels of land and drawing a map (or plat) of the new subdivision, often for the purpose of selling off the parcels individually. These lots of land are frequently built upon before being sold, often by the same home builder, which is why many homes within a subdivision have a similar look. Kicoh Tech has the knowledge and expertise to create a subdivision plat that suits your needs while complying with local regulations.





Legal descriptions should always be prepared by a licensed surveyor, who is trained and authorized to locate and determine the legal description of any property. To avoid title problems only a licensed surveyor should prepare the property descriptions to avoid inaccuracies.


Working with attorneys and title companies, along with our research, helps assure that the preparation of the legal descriptions is done in a concise and professional manner.





A "Builder's Package" refers to the collective group of surveys, related fieldwork, and certifications required to comply with the requirements of a lender, local building codes, and floodplain management criteria. By having all the required work initially quoted as a "package", the total cost of these services is also less expensive. 


Construction projects can range from new homes, to additions to existing structures, and even include placing a new manufactured home or raising an existing home.  All these projects require certain land surveying services along the way and Kicoh Tech has the experience and expertise to successfully partner with our clients in any construction scenario.



Wetlands are highly regulated at both the Federal and State levels, and commonly exist in areas where existing web-based mapping sources either do not depict them at all, or they are depicted inaccurately. In most cases it is necessary to obtain permits from the city or county, and in order to comply with local, state, and federal regulations, you will need to know the location of stream or wetland boundaries and their buffer widths before you can build.


Wetland Delineation Survey involves a thorough investigation of any critical areas on-site. The survey will exhibit the horizontal limits and size of the wetland area as determined in the field by an environment specialist. The critical area boundary is then flagged and displayed on a map along with the associated buffer width.


Although existing mapping sources for wetlands are a valuable resource and should be consulted when making a wetlands determination for a given tract of land, the value of a field determination by a qualified and experienced wetland delineator cannot be understated.  Call Kicoh Tech for your Wetland Delineation Survey needs (352) 989-1601.





Control surveys provide horizontal and vertical positions of points to which supplementary surveys are adjusted. Control surveys provide the standard of accuracy for subsequent and subordinate surveys to attain. All projects, including route surveys, photogrammetry, and topographic mapping, are made up of a series of vertical and horizontal field surveys. These secondary surveys are dependent on control for position and relative accuracy.





At Kicoh Tech our expert staff streamlines the process of Right of Way planning and implementation. Right of Way Engineering and Mapping consists of researching public records, conducting land surveys, determining existing land boundaries, overlaying the proposed design limits over existing land boundaries, and preparing the necessary legal descriptions and plats for the conveyance of land title rights. These rights include permanent easements, fee title grants, and temporary construction easements between parties in both the private and public sectors.


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